Aram 'Sun' Constantin
email: aramsunbookings@gmail.com
website: www.aramsun.com
photography: aramsun.squarespace.com
instagram: aramconstantin

Born in Romania in 1986, arrived in NYC in 1991 soon after the Romanian Revolution.
With warm vibes and a professional demeanor, I bring a comprehensive understanding of the production process from concept to final cut. Though I have experience in many areas from casting to sound recording, I am most experienced in the camera department, often working as a Camera Operator or Camera Assistant. Proficient in the art of Cinematography & Lighting, the application of creative technology for visual storytelling; I can assemble small crews and direct projects from idea to edit. I've experienced many situations and environments; from feature films to big budget TV shows, indie shorts in deep woods with harsh conditions, to high end corporate productions and even chaotic music festivals. During my free time, I am often involved in passion projects such as photography, short films or documentaries. To keep my passion and imagination fresh; I travel, read, and watch films as much as possible. I work hard to grow as a Director of Photography while polishing my skills and reputation as Video Producer and Creative Director.
I do have a BFA in Film & Video Production from City College, and an AA in Communication Arts from the New York Institute of Technology. The bulk of my professional experience in the past 6+ years since graduating film school has been on film, photo, video and TV production sets. Over the years, I've held several day jobs in the fields of customer service, administration, management, public relations, digital media marketing & event production; leaving me with a multi-faceted secondary skill set. These days I work mainly as a camera operator or camera assistant, while acquiring projects as freelance video producer. I also work part-time with Morgan Stanley on corporate video shoots, and part-time editing live sports highlights with NeuLion for clients such as the NHL, NFL, UFC and NBA.

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